Welcome to Koh Samui, third biggest island of Thailand.

This small paradise (280 km2) of the west coast became a world famous destination whilst keeping a relax and tropical atmosphere. This island, the bigest of the Gulf of Siam, is entirely covered with coconut trees and bougainvillea, bordered by stunning white sand beaches, and it offers, with its tropical and various natural setting, an idyllic place where life is good to live. The climate is very pleasant all year long, with temperature varying between 25 and 34 Celsius degrees. The rainy season is mostly made of refreshing rain showers followed by the return of a hot sun.
golf samuiEasy to access by plane from Bangkok, Phuket and Europe, but also with direct flight from main cities of asia (Hong Kong and Singapore), you will find here all modern facilities for your well-being (SPA centers, shopping malls, international standard hospitals, dentists…). Buddist Temples, trekking in the jungle, waterfalls, golf courses (the most beautiful 18 hole golf course of all South-East Asia), scuba diving and snorkelling, the island and the achipelago own many more trumps to definitely seduce you... A mouth-watering cuisine, a friendly population, renowned for their exceptional welcome, its smile glowing as much as its sun.

Fell free to come and join us in this small paradise on earth!

Places to see…

Ang Thong

Excursion to the north-west of Koh Samui to the national marine park.

Bophut Beach

The golden sandy beach has become more and more popular these last years. the fidherman's village hosts numerous delicious restaurants, handicraft shops, art gallery.

Choeng Mon

Small quiet bay, north of Chaweng. Its fine sand beach is one of the most beautiful of the island.

Chaweng Beach

Long and wide beach. A coral reef is located at its deep north end. Ideal for dynamic travellers which will find here many restaurants, bars, shops and most of the night life.

One of the most popular beaches on Koh Samui, but also one of the most beautiful with its fine white sand.

Coral Cove Bay

Tiny bay with a nice white sand beach surrounded by rocks. Located between 2 hills just south of Chaweng Beach. This is a popular place for snorkelling with its clear fishy water.

Chaweng Noi

Known as the most neautiful beach of Koh Samui, located just between Chaweng et Lamai, the 2 busiest places on the island.

For those who like animation, the Beach Bar Samui will welcome you in the daytime and at night with its best DJs.

The Jungle Club is the place to be for an aperitif, in front of a beautiful view, at the top of the mountain, just close to the residence

Lamai Beach

A stretch of long white sand beach, describe as the 1st or second best beach of Koh Samui, depending on who's speaking.

Hua Tanon

Small fishermen village, located south east of Koh Samui. Swimming is not possible due to its lack of depth.

West coast

To view the most beautiful sunsets, you have to go to the west coast. The beaches are long white sand stretches, take care to the corals, swimming is not really possible.

Safari with a Jeep.

Many offers to visit the splendid nature of the island in a Jeep in an Adventure Safari, explore the waterfalls, the elephants and other interest points.


The main city of the island.
Arrival and departure pier of most of the boats and ferries to Surat Thani, Ko Pha Ngan and Koh Tao.
You will also find the public hospital here.

Maenam Beach

This 10km long white sand beach, north of Koh samui has a unique charm. You will enjoy its calm and traditional atmosphere with its local restaurantsand its famous 18 hole Golf course, Santibury Samui Country Club (Opened in 2003, this 18 hole is the only one to host international competition). It borders the coast with difference in altitude of up to 250m in a stunning setting made of waterfalls, rivers, palmtrees and a gorgeous sea view.


Fantastic waterfalls located in the center of Ko samui. The first of the two waterfalls is easily reachable from the road. The second is 80m high and are found after a 30mn walk through the jungle.

… and also, Activities and sight seeing

Diving and snorkelling
Thai cuisine courses
18 hole Golf courses
Samui Aquarium
Butterfly garden
Magic Alambic
Momified monk
Big Buddha
Hin Ta & Hin Yai

Thailand... It’s…

Its golden beaches, its numerous deserted or crowded islands, its passionating cities, its uncomparable and delicious cuisine, its national parks with their luxurious tropical vegetation, its ancestral tribes and customs, and, most of it, the land of smile renowned for the thousands smiles welcoming you. No other Asian countries has it all as much as Thailand does, and it is the most visited and touristic country of the region.
12 times biger than Switzerland and hosting 65 millions people, the ancient kingdom of siam still remains close to its King and to the specific values of buddhism.

Thailand is the classical tourist destination in Asia, you must have visited at least one time in a lifetime.



You will drive on the left side of the road. the minimum age to drive a car is supposed to be 21. The driver must own an international driving license.
If you do not have a credit card you will have to leave a garanty deposit of around CHF. 330.- in cash money Most cars have automatic clutch and aircon, equipped with tape or CD player.
You can not leave Thailand with a rented vehicle.


Thailand is OK all year long, temperatures are tropical all year long et usually are over 30C during the day, but the best time to visit Thailand is between November to April as the weather is usually dry and the heat affordable. In the northern mountains, it can become cool from november to february. June to October, the climate is very hot and wet and the south-west monsoon brings rain showers, sometimes very violent. Nevertheless, the daily amount of sun never goes below 5-6 heures.
3 seasons :
dry season : november to february with daytime temperatures around 30 C and barely raining.
hot season : march to may, with daytime temperatures up to 38 C, heavy climate with little rain.
rain season : june to october with daytime temperatures around 32 C, wet climate, frequent showers.

Koh Samui is an exception, as the monsoon is usually from october to early december.


220 volt - European plugs (except UK, adaptor needed).


Switzerland : +5:00 Summer / +6:00 Winter
World : GMT+7:00


We can say that Thailand is a really cheap country compared to the service you will get and the price asked for it, whether it is for the accommodations, the food, the visit and excursions. Nevertheless, renowned island and touristic destination tend to be a bit more expensive.


There are no health problems in particular. Thailand host state-of-the-art hospitals and facilities. Travelling with children is even a good option, opening you new perspedctives as thai people really love children.


For most european countries, a valid passport is needed (expiration later than 6 month when entering the Kingdom). No visa needed if the stay is not over 30 days.

Ambassade de la Thaïlande - Kirchstrasse 56, 3097 Bern-Liebefeld – 031/970.30.30


You will find not less than 100 international golf courses, some of them the most beautiful of the whole world. Thailand is a paradise for golfers ! You can play around Bangkok, in the north of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, in the Gulf of Siam (Hua Hin and Pattaya), South-East (Phuket) and in Koh Samui (Maenam, the best Golf course of South-East Asia). Green fees are still affordable.


Thaï. English is only spoken in the touristic areas.


Travellers checks or cash in Euros, as well as Credit card are accepted. It is possible to get money from ATM using Visa or Master card.


Office du Tourisme de Thaïlande – CP 660 – 3000 Berne – 031 300 30 88 - www.tourismthailand.ch


The most beautiful beaches :
Koh Samui – for its quiet life
Koh Tarutao or Ko Bulon Lae – to play Robinson
Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi – for the diving freaks


Thailand has some of the best diving spot in the region, like around Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao, or Koh Lipe. And about Similan and Surin islands, they are one of the most stunning diving spots of the whole world.


Around10% of the bill in restaurants is supposed to be for service, sometimes added.
Door keepers of big hotels get from 10 to 20 Baths,

guides 100 Baths p. pers. and p. day


Constitutionnal monarchy


Théravada Buddhism is the national religion, with 95% of the population. Others are in Islam, for the most, Christianism, Hindouism and smaller believes. Thailand has freedom of cult in its constitution.
The buddhism in 4 concepts:

-The 4 Noble Truths
explaining the nature and cause of suffering, the means to stop it and the path that leads to enlightment, climax point where all suffering disappears.
- Karma law
Most important of the Buddhist Concepts. Any action or speech as consequences. present life is the harvest of the previous lives.
Future depends on what we do in the present.
- Reincarnation
Death is not the limit, just a border between the end of this life and the beginning of another.
The spirit of the deads do not die, it transforms and is transmitted to the life to come.
- Meditation
One of the mean to attain enlightment, to discover who we really are and to free us from suffering.

The word buddha means « the one who knows » « the enlighted one ». Usually represented sitting in the meditation posture, the historic Buddha is not reffered as a go bus as an example to follow.
After having the 4 visions of suffering, the illness, the old age, and death he refused his life of prince and decided to find a path to end human suffering. After 6 years of ascetism, sitting bellow a ficus religiosa in India, he finally reached the full and total enlightment, also called "state of Buddha". He did spend the rest of his life teaching the paths that lead to the supreme knowledge. Its teaching has adapted to the cultures along centuries.


There are no security problems, at least not more than any touristic destination. A natural vigilance is obvious, especially in the north at the burma border.


Compulsory: yellow fever if coming from andemic areas (Africa. South america)
Recomended : malaria and typhus pills, only if you visit remote areas.

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